Download Waiver Form

Application Forms

Please see below all information about renting with us. When you apply for rent a property, you will be required:


Application Form

Download our Application form, fill in and send back to us as soon as possible to make the process quick for you. We strive to process your application at shorts period of time possible. However, the owner have the last decision and is not required give a reason. Please be aware that missing information will delate your application. Check everything before submit your application. Please,download your application here.


Property Inspection

Please, go to contact us page, fill in the form with the property address you are interest in, and the time you are available, we will try match it, if possible.

Documents Required

There are some documents that are mandatory and someones are necessary to submit, in order to have the number of points required to apply for the property. Check on the application the points required.If you are a home owner that is renting for the first time, please provide your council annual fees. Copy of your Photo ID (driver's license, 18+ ID, passport or any other any other photo ID), Bank statement, proof of income, pay slip, Centrelink statement. 

Pet Friendly Form

We love animal as much as us. They are part of the family in many ways. What make us responsible for their well-being.

Here is a list of  information to assist you with your pet needs:

* If the property you applying for rent is marked as Pet Friendly, please download the pet application, fill in and send together with your Rental application to be processed. Click here for Pet Application.

Local Vet in Sunshine Coast

We do recommend…

Hotel host for Pets

If you are between house or come from interstate, there is a number of places in the area that you can accommodate your dear pet, until your sort out your new home. Please see the list…

Pet training schools

Council contact

For pet registration or renewals

Dog friendly Beaches and parks in Sunshine Coast

Please the website:

Please be aware that not everybody appreciate pets. It could be for phobias, bad experiences or just preferences. Pet also can cause damage to property(ies), as to people for unpredictable behaviour.

Is your responsibility to prevent, repair and pay for any unforeseen behaviour of your pet at your rental property, neighbour properties caused by your pet and walkings that your pet may attack.

If you not act according to It may lead us to cancel your accommodation contract and request you to moving out.

If the property you want to apply has marked as owner permits pet, please forward the Pet form together with the other documents. 

Waiver Form for Unseen Property

This apply for overseas or interstate applications that are unable to inspect the property before move in. It’s mandatory to attached the waiver form with your tenant application form. Please download it here.

TICA Check

All our tenants application will be submitted to TICA search( Tenancy Information Centre Australia).


If your application is successfully approval, be prepare to pay 2 weeks rent to secure your property, in the following 24hrs. This rental will be applied for the first 2 weeks at the commence of your rent. You will be due to pay your rent again on the 13 day.  Therefore, there is no rental paid in advance. If you miss a payment you will be in arrears.


We are cashless office, therefore any payment required can be done by bank transfer or over the phone by credit card. Cheques are not accepted.


Your will be required to pay the bond up to 4 weeks rental. Sorry, no bond transfer accept. The bond payment will be lodge with RTA and refunded after your lease finished. There is no bond refund in advance. At the start of your lease, you will received a tenancy guide booklet with all information about your tenancy, to help you understand what type of damages you must prevent to avoid deduction of your bond refund.

Entry Report

At the start of your tenancy you will receive a Entry report check list for you make an detailed inspection of the property you are renting, and you will have 3 days to return it to the office.

Keys of the Property

The property keys will be handle at the commence of your lease, conditional to  2 weeks rental and bond were paid and funds clear and contract is signed. Will be supplied a key set for each tenant named in the contract.

Content Insurance

Emergency situation as fire, natural disaster or an  electrical fault that can result in complete destruction of your house or  damage of your personal house contents, equipment or devices  are not covered by the landlord insurance.  We recommend you organise, for the duration of your contract, a house content insurance, to keep you cover at any eventuality.