What we do!

  Why Use Our Rental Model?

  • No adverting fees, although your property is word widely advertised in a widdle range of Online Travel Agency (OTA).

  • Hassle-free experience. Cleaning and inspections are part of our services package.

  • Passive income. Free up your time to travel & enjoy while you are receiving your income.


  What Property is Suitable?

  • We work with properties from beachfront homes to country cabins to units in the city. Your property can be a house, a granny-flat, a townhouse, a unit, or a houseboat.

  • We can offer a consultancy to access the suitability and any improvement to best catch the attention to your property.

  • We can organise professional photographs and list your property according to rank it up for the search.

  • We create an exceptional presentation throughout your listing to captivate the guest for an amazing experience.

Ask for your Holiday Property Appraisal 

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