Are you mindful of your Consumption & Waste while you are in Holiday?

It is hard to say ‘no’ to nice things, specially when you are in holiday. It are so many new options of food, shops and attractions that you want to enjoy and experience all. However, we are also urged to understand the implications of our consumption choices: a single-use plastics or a reduction of energy consumption, or perhaps avoid to buy clothes made in ‘sweatshops’. How can we balance our desire with consume ethically?

From the "The Skills You Need" website( ) that claverley address this concerns, presenting with simplicity, vary ways to evaluate our daily decisions that affect our future.

Don’t waste food, try to plan ahead and only buy what you know you need.

If you don’t want something, consider whether someone else might. Charity shops are a great option for recycling usable goods. If are in good condition, you may consider sell it.

Before you buy anything, consider whether you really need it. It’s not as much fun when you’re shopping, but asking yourself whether you really need something before you buy.

Check the ethical credentials of companies before you buy. Ethical production is whether the goods are made in an ethical way: for example, whether they use methods that avoid polluting the environment, or that exploit people by paying very low wages…

Buying locally wherever possible supports local enterprise. It also reduces ‘food miles’, or the environmental impact of transporting food.

Perhaps what is most important in terms of ethical consumption, as with so many other aspects of ‘goodness’, is to live according to your principles, and find the right balance point for you. Being mindful for instance that your water, energy and food consumption is connected and related to production—waste and when you save it you are helping to save our planet in many ways. It is, after all, your life and your decision on the way that works for you.

Thank you for your conscious decisions, while you are holidaying in one of our units!

Sunny Place Real Estate & Property Management are proud to bring awareness in our Holiday Properties and are very happy to see our guests, in general, being very supportive in this matter that is related to our human being daily life.

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