Impress your guest by creating the perfect ambience in your holiday home!

Space, Colour, Textures, Arrangement, Lighting and Decor, need to be considered when creating the perfect ambience in your holiday home.

Arrangement and space

are the bones of your design.

So make sure you take the time to get it right. Always measure the space before you decorate and think about the floor plan and furniture placement to ensure you maintain a good flow in your room. Arrange your furniture strategically to take advantage of the view or at the very least not obstruct it.

To make the most of your room, create a spacious atmosphere by following these handy hints.

● Use ceiling to floor window dressings.

● Choose light furnishing and trims.

● Maximise the light in the room.

● Remove all clutter.

Colours have the power to affect our mood and stimulate our senses.

Choosing colours that match the houses’ environment will strike a chord of belonging in your visitors, allowing them to feel relaxed and calm. i.e. blues and greens are great to use when you live near the ocean, greys and distressed wood are ideal in lofts and industrial apartments, dark wood and natural colours are perfect for cabins or forest retreats.

Choosing complementary colours and patterns will also allow your visitors to feel relaxed. Make sure your colour palette is simple; too many colours or patterns can create a feeling of confusion and chaos, which can cause anxiety in your visitors.

Choosing lighter colours will make your room feel spacious and airy, where darker tones can be used to make a room feel cosy or luxurious - but be careful as they can also cause a sense of heaviness. Incorporating a splash of metallic gold, silver or bronze can add a feeling of sophistication and refinement.

If you are unsure of your colour palette, take the time to create a mood board, ask an expert, look through magazines or as a good general rule, make sure your colours are on opposite sides on the colour wheel

Once you have chosen your colour scheme, you can start to plan your decor.

This is the fun bit, it’s like icing a cake. Play with textures and colours in artwork, rugs, throws and cushions. Use these items to highlight and to break up solid colours (i.e. break up any heaviness) but stay within your colour scheme.

Here are a few other handy hints:

  • Choose soft cushions that are harmonious with the sofa. You can choose a few different textures to create interest and fun.

  • Be sure to choose “safe and non-threatening” artwork. Choosing art that depicts nature is always a safe option.

  • Choose a rug that lifts the room.

  • Choose high quality bed linens with high thread count to give the feeling of luxury.

  • A bedspread with subtle patterns will allow you to use a mix of colours and patterns on pillows and throws, making the bed the focus point in the room.

  • Having a few different sized pillows, on your bed, creates a professionally styled look.

  • Have a matching crockery set, cutlery set, and glassware set in the kitchen is a must have. Mismatched kitchen decor will leave a bad taste in your visitors’ mouths.

  • Buy two sets of your kitchen crockery/cutlery/glassware and store the second one away, as there are always a few breaks along the way, and it is good to have replacements.

  • Remove any personal pictures of you and your family which will allow your guests to enjoy your home as their own, if only for a few days or weeks

Lighting is critical when creating the perfect ambience.

It can make all the difference in how big the room looks, how inviting it feels and even how clean it looks. Your holiday rental may not have a lot of natural light but that doesn’t mean it has to look dark and uninviting. If you feel a room doesn’t have enough light, you may need to add a pedestal or table lamp to brighten it. Bedside lamps are perfect for creating a soft, romantic ambience in the bedroom and can be switched on before guests arrive. Replacing dark curtains or blinds for a lighter option can give a room an instant lift too.

Think before you choose your bulbs as the bulb you use in the bedrooms will be different to the white light you’ll use in the kitchen.

In conclusion it is important to note that taking the time to design an inviting atmosphere for your visitors is a reward in itself, although seeing maximum ROI is even better. So make sure you do it well and do it right! As Winston Churchill said.

“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us”.

Sunny Place would like to help you shape your life by uplifting and styling your rental home, creating the perfect ambience for your guests. With an experienced hand and an eye for detail, we guarantee to get the best results and transform your space, all within your budget.

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