HOLIDAY RENTAL 7 Hot tips to ensure your guest have a 5-star experience, every time!

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Let’s face it, your guest book holiday rentals in preference of traditional hotels because the experience is completely different. In a holiday rental they are able to feel at home instantly.

They can feel part of the local community and immerse themselves in the culture. So, a successful holiday rental property will not only be visually inviting and designed beautifully, but it will also have everything a guest needs to feel completely at home.

The sooner your guests can relax and have a good time the better their experience will be.

Live up to their expectations

As a holiday rental manager my biggest priority is getting my clients ‘5-star reviews’, 100% of the time. So, I know, if your property looks amazing online, it’s imperative that it looks amazing in real life too. I’ve learnt that first impressions count so I will always make sure the entrance has the wow factor to get them excited for the rest of the property.

Details matter!

Paying attention to details that will impact your guest comfort and or wellbeing is crucial. Maintenance and repair of your property is important for your guests’ safety and overall experience.You can guarantee peace of mind for both you and your guests by:

  • Maintaining and cleaning air conditioner filters.

  • Removing leaf litter from gutters.

  • Regularly performing pest control.

  • Keeping a clean kitchen, oven and exhaust fan.

  • Keeping your garden weed free, manicured and lush.

  • Checking the switch board, power points, electrical appliances, to catch any faults.

  • Thoroughly checking faucets for annoying drips or leaks.

  • Spring cleaning your property regularly for that thoroughly clean feeling.

  • Choosing 3 sets of breathable linen, for each bed and soft bathroom and beach towels that are easy to wash and replace when required.

  • Investing in waterproof mattress protectors and good quality pillow protectors. This will prevent nasty stains and increase the longevity of these items.

Leave a little welcome gift to wow your guests

Who doesn’t like gifts!

Create a guide for you guests

You’re an expert of the area. You know it and you love it. And remember guests may be visiting for the first time and have no idea about: where to go, what to see, where to eat or any of the history of your area. This is a personal touch that will make a huge impression on your guests.

Prepare a house manual

Add instructions for using your appliances (especially the aircon and heaters) and where to find the remotes. Let them know where to find extra linen or toiletries if they should run out. Don’t forget to list any gate codes or security codes they may need to get in and out of the property. List where they will find the fire extinguisher, first aid kit and any other emergency items. You might also want to list local hospitals, doctors and police stations.

Offer a self-check-in

Organize a lockbox in an easy access location. It is best to have 3 sets of keys cut for “just in case” scenarios. The guest may even request 2 sets of keys for a larger family group and the other key you can keep yourself or pass to the cleaner or property manager.

Have your home insurance up to date

You never know if someone can trip-over and injure themselves or faulty equipment can cause a hazard.

Many of these things you can do yourself, depending on your availability. Many property owners are time poor and not everyone lives close enough to their holiday rental to be able to do this well. Many business-savvy, property owners are now hiring professional property managers to ensure the above-mentioned points are taken care of consistently and efficiently.

Sunny Place Real Estate & Property Management offers this service which can save you time and money and increase your return on investment considerably.

Finally remember those who fail to plan, plan to fail. So, follow this guide and know that when you guests stay at your holiday rental, they will be having a 5-star experience, each and every time

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